BOIX Q-1530

The Q-1530 is the newest innovation for all customers who ask for a flexible, robust and functional machine. It has been developed with the use of kits that allow to easily change the type of box to assemble. Q-1530 has 6 speeds, which added the possibility of working with average speeds to adapt to meet your real production needs; it is designed to produce from 400 t.p.h. up to 1800 t.p.h. In keeping with the rest of the Boix “Quality” range there is a high level of compatibility between models with toolings and the forming sections being interchangeable, which is both a functional advantage as an economic savings.


The MCT1/V is a fully mechanical machine which runs on a single machine and allows you to:
1.Regulate each head with different box dimensions
2.Regulate speed by a frequency variator with automatic glue compensation.
3.Form conical and/or standard boxes
4.Work in kit line, according to the output required.