We are a company with many years of experience

in the corrugate industry, specializ­ing in technical support in the field of food packaging, especially in the field of vegetables, fruits and meat.

Currently we are present in 10 South East European countries

and we provide our customers with complete logistic support with erecting machines, education, service and mainte­nance, at the location specified by the client.

Our clients are large chain stores,

fruit and vegetable wholesalers, fruit and vegetable producers, and manufacturers of fruit and vegetable trays and other packaging that requires additional assembling and gluing from the end user.

At present we have installed 75 erecting machines

and have over 30 erecting ma­chines in our maintenance network for other machine owners. All our service technicians are certified by machine manufacturers and have years of experience in maintenance and repair of these machines.

In addition, we have several packaging centers in the region,

that serve as packaging shops where we can provide our customers, on a daily basis, already formed and glued boxes that they later use in packaging their products.